We help improve college student behavioral health

Healthy colleges are made up of healthy students.

Sharpen provides a cost-effective and flexible platform that:

  • Provides discreet access to research-based and award-winning content for mental wellness;

  • Enhances, extends and expands the reach of counselors;

  • Decreases shame and stigma around mental health;

  • Builds community capacity, competence and confidence to navigate successfully in these uncertain times.

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"Knowing that our students have access to a wealth of resources to support their mental health is reassuring, and also another important step we can take to reduce stigma around mental health in healthcare."

Natalie M. Fadel, PsyD
Associate Professor for Psychiatry and Neuro-Behavioral Sciences

"Sharpen allows counselors to offer mental health resources and coping skills to students who may not be seeking, or have not yet sought, in-person services.  Sharpen greatly increases our reach and breadth of service offerings"

Dr. Liz Jodoin
Director of Counseling Services
University of South Carolina, Upstate

"Sharpen includes a really cool comprehensive toolkit about stress, dietetics, and mental health, but also includes practical life skills that young adults need."

Adam Ranns
Former Assistant Athletic Director / Head Athletic Trainer, Limestone College

Demonstrated Value Through Focus Groups, Survey Data, and Real-World Results


recommended for others

95% of college students learned things they can use to help others and recommend Sharpen for friends and family members.


connected to resources they didn't know were available

90% of college students said Sharpen connected them to mental health resources they didn't know were available.


helpful, easy to use

100% of college students interviewed, provided input on the content library and found Sharpen helpful and easy to use.

(Based on live focus group interactions and digital surveys collected from 400+ college students at USC Upstate and Wofford College, 2018-2019).

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