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SharpenWARRIOR continues to be the most popular app. We are to announce our partners at Upstate Warrior Solution who lead the #sharpenwarrior project in South Carolina will share their powerful stores at the VA Mental Health Summit 9/12 in Columbia.

In the month of August the most selected content includes:

Take a Buddy With You (for veterans only, this module outlines strategies for transitioning through mental health challenges with a team)

Transitioning and Coping (for veterans only, this module outlines tips for transitioning back to civilian life)

Jenna's Story (a documentary story about a spouse – available only to spouses)

Health Services for Veterans

Spouses Serve Too (for spouses only, this module assists a spouse in navigating a veteran’s PTSD and other mental health symptoms)

The unfortunate reality is that many veterans suffer from mental health and substance use disorders problems and many of them do not receive treatment. With Sharpen, and specifically sharpenWARRIOR, we provide the veteran community a platform that will help them find hope and healing. Most importantly, we help the veteran’s spouse find resources, support and helpful tools to improve self-care.

We are working with our partners at Upstate Warrior Solution to complete additional modules for spouses. To access sharpenWARRIOR, please create a free login here.


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