Our New App launched- sharpenUP COLLEGES

SharpenUp Colleges provides a host of life-saving educational tools to teach about strategies for navigating stress, anxiety, depression and other tough topics. The platform also connects students to a library of skills building content designed from eight scientific protective factors for resiliency. Most importantly, SharpenUp Colleges engages students and parents into a personal dialogue with other peers and specialists, guiding them to the rich resources available to them through the university and community.

The cutting-edge technology behind SharpenUp Colleges ensures more students and their parents receive the services they need. Through both mobile apps and a desktop platform, SharpenUp Colleges delivers evidence-based educational content to targeted audiences, identifies individuals who may be suffering from mental health conditions and safely connects them to appropriate levels of treatment.

The most selected content from sharpenUP Colleges module for the month of August included:

  • Understanding Sexual Assault

  • Mindful Eating, Permission

  • Equal Part Breath Mindfulness

  • Suicide: Know the Warning Signs

  • About Eating Disorders

The unfortunate reality is that many college students suffer from mental health problems such as eating disorders and many of them do not receive treatment. With Sharpen, and specifically sharpenUP Colleges, we provide the collegiate community a platform that will help them find hope and healing. We also help the parents find resources, support and helpful tools to improve self-care.

Sharpen is a content creation and delivery platform with a closed social network. We help health providers and mission driven organizations increase outreach and compliance with their constituents. We specialize in mental health and provide end-users with education and interactive tools to increase resiliency and overall mental wellbeing.


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