The Sharpen Update

Our responsive web apps offer educational resources and tools to raise awareness about mental health. The apps also provide social media features such as group forums and private messages. Through collaborations with researchers, clinicians and partners, we can help overcome the stigmas attached to mental issues. As we grow each month, we are poised to make an even bigger difference and help more people!

For the month of August, Sharpen has achieved the following milestones:

User Activity:

Our live trainings positively corresponded to our conversion rate of 34% and user activity. Check back monthly for exciting news, research and helpful tips!

The Sharpen platform is the result of Resiliency Technologies' efforts to build a cloud-based content creation and delivery platform. With this system, we aim to prevent mental wellness using a game-changing, public health approach. Sharpen provides evidence-based mental health tools to targeted audiences and helps people reconnect to information and supportive networks.


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