sharpenFamily August Update

SharpenFAMILY is an innovative community resource developed in partnership between Sharpen Minds and United Way of the Piedmont. SharpenFAMILY is a flexible web-based content and social platform designed to empower foster families through:

  • Providing clarity and understanding of the Foster System.

  • Nurturing mental wellness in dealing with issues such as childhood trauma, loss and depression.

  • Offering clinical insight and support through vetted resources and videos.

  • Building a foster family community through SharpenFAMILY’s private social network.

Looking to learn more about how SharpenFAMILY fosters love, hope and healing? Download your free version of sharpenFAMILY here, courtesy of the United Way of the Piedmont.

sharpenFAMILY had 2,654 page views in August, up from July. The most selected content modules for the month of August included:

SharpenFAMILY provides educational and supportive materials for parents of small children, as well as health tools, developed in conjunction with partners specializing in child welfare. This means users will have access to evidence-based resources aimed at their specific needs and networks that include local support groups. Sharpen's apps also help these networks and organizations themselves by allowing them to extend their reach.


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