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  • What is Sharpen?
    Sharpen is a service that combines mental health resources and exercises with features like private social networks to build and connect communities. It’s the platform behind your organization’s next customized mental health app. Sharpen improves your mental healthcare efficiencies, builds resilience and assists health providers, universities, and organizations in expanding outreach and commitment to their constituents. Sharpen lets you engage, educate and empower your community.
  • Who can benefit from Sharpen?
    Individuals who are or think they may be dealing with a mental health issue. Family members who are assisting with a loved-one who is coping with a mental health issue. Administrators, clinicians, human resources professionals and business leaders who engage daily with individuals who may be suffering from stress or mental health challenges. Under-resourced counselors who need to extend their services to a wider community. Non-profit organizations that provide assistance and resources to individuals who need mental health and stress management assistance. Universities, insurance providers, hospital systems and municipalities.
  • How Can I Access Sharpen?
    If you are an employee or member of a Sharpen client you should have received a link from your contact. If you aren’t sure, we’re here to help. Send an email to and include your mobile phone number and email.
  • How do I make Sharpen available to my organization?
    Sharpen provides the platform and content for a turn-key solution. You provide the knowledge of your community or constituents. Together we quickly build your customized mobile service and help you market and deploy to your people.
  • How long will it take to develop and deploy my app?
    We can have your app available within three business days. However, Sharpen is more than just an app. You’ll probably want to spend a little more time developing your engagement and community strategies. And we’re there to help you.
  • What kind of topics are included in the Sharpen core library?
    The topics include social emotional skills, healthy relationships, stress management, mindfulness, education about various mental health topics, and evidence-based dietetics models. There is also an extensive library of premium content designed to address specific users and needs like veteran PTSD, front-line medical staff, medical students, and much more.
  • How do I customize my mobile app?
    Sharpen’s core service includes an extensive library of content. However, you can customize this content, localize links to service providers and community connections, build groups and social networks, create your own content, and manage multiple organizations. We work with you to develop your plan.
  • Is the COLLEGES app providing students with direct care, counseling or tele-health treatment?"
    No. Sharpen doesn’t provide direct treatment. But, we can link any college counseling or treatment resource to the app to help educate students about their options for treatment. And, the app connects students to a library of evidence-based psychoeducational content, national sites, and links for crisis support, and vetted COVID resources.
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