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Sharpen adheres to the socio-ecological model to better understand mental health prevention strategies.  We strongly believe and have shown through research, that before we provide interventions in schools, we must properly train all educators and school professionals in mental health literacy.  Sharpen’s model has been designed over the course of 20 years and improves the shared protective factors for trauma, suicide and mental disorders. 

  • Utilized in over 500 academic institutions

  • 900,000 educators, counselors and school professionals have attended Sharpen trainings

  • Created in collaboration with over 200 researchers and professionals in mental health

  • Features documentary film stories of resiliency and strength

  • The Sharpen system improves mental health literacy and decreases stigma in parents, counselors, educators and professionals alike.

  • Improves school counselor and clinician ability to manage mental health challenges in schools.


District pricing available
CE’s available for licensed clinicians through NBCC accreditation

Sharpen provides a cost-effective and flexible platform that:

  • Provides easy access to research-based content for mental wellness;

  • Enhances the reach of the guidance counselor and professional staff;

  • Builds mental health literacy and emotional wellness in schools

  • Provides data to improve resource utilization;



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"As a pediatric psychologist and the developer of a mental health screening instrument for children, I know the important role Sharpen' s professional development system plays in increasing safety and awareness in our school community.  It is critical that all educators and school professionals are trained in mental health literacy and prepared to understand the warning signs of a child in need of assistance relating to a mental health issue."


Dr. Terry O. Pruitt
Spartanburg School District 7

“The Sharpen professional development programs for school counselors have connected us to many resources to better support students struggling with mental disorders.  As Chief Academic Officer, I know it is crucial that we have a dynamic partner like Sharpen who we can trust to bring cutting-edge and safe programs into our schools.”

Evidence-Based, Research-Informed, Results Proven

Since 2006, Sharpen has worked with over 900,000 students, staff, and professionals in fifteen states representing 33 different school systems.  Delivering over 6,000 trainings to educators and parents who not only recommend (98%) these trainings, but also indicated their personal awareness, understanding, and ability to take action was greater than 92% after being trained on the Sharpen system.  Most importantly their confidence and competence in appropriately addressing mental health topics with students increased by over 86% (Anderson et al, 2017).

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Demonstrated Value Through Focus Groups, Survey Data, and Real-World Results


recommended for others

98% of educators and counselors improved techniques for decreasing stress, and recommended the programs for other schools.


connected to practical techniques

96% of educators said Sharpen connected them to practical techniques they can use in a classroom setting.


increased awareness

92% of participants increased awareness on risk and protective factors for suicide, mental health and substance use disorders and how to appropriately support a student in need.

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Featured at these national conferences:

  • 2021 and 2022 Southeastern School Behavioral Health Conference, SC Department of Education

  • 2021 and 2022 Attachment and Trauma Network Annual Conference

  • 2022 Zero Suicide Summit, OK Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

  • 2022 New Mexico Department of Public Health & Public Education Department