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Our model is built on robust partnerships and collaborations. Currently, our partners work with us to build and deploy content that is evidence-informed and provides best practices.


We are always looking to increase our partnerships.

Contact us to get involved!

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We have been working with all of
our community partners to get
foster care and parenting resources to our families through our branded app, sharpenFAMILY. This is a game-changer for any of us who seek to find more ways to use data to inform decision-making and improve our community impact.


~ Paige Stephenson

President & CEO, United Way of the Piedmont

Venture Carolina is a client of Sharpen after we saw the need for improving the mental health resources for early-stage company founders. We have already had inquiries from other groups that support the early-stage entrepreneur ecosystem.   




 ~ Charlie Banks

Executive Director, Venture Carolina

We really don’t think enough about prevention – statistics indicate that for adults who develop psychiatric issues in their 20s, over 50 percent of the time those patients have started manifesting symptoms during childhood. I’m relieved that the Sharpen resources are available to mitigate the long-term mental health risks facing our young adults.


~ Rahul N. Mehra, M.D.
CEO and Chief Physician Executive

National Center for Performance Health

During this pandemic, it’s more
important than ever to support our students’ mental health, as well as their physical health. The programs offered through Sharpen will be transformative in how students can improve their mental health from the privacy of their own homes.

~Dr. Brendan Kelly,

University of West Georgia

As the Director of Counseling
Services at the University of South
Carolina Upstate, I'm very
passionate about the mental wellbeing of our students. A great
way for my team to reach more
students is by way of an online
platform. Sharpen allows counselors to offer mental health resources, psychoeducational information, and coping skills to students who may not be seeking, or have not yet sought, in-person services. Sharpen greatly increases our reach and breadth of service offerings.


~ Dr. Liz Jodoin,

Director of Counseling Services
University of South Carolina, Upstate

As the Assistant Athletic Director
and Head Athletic Trainer at
Limestone College, I have been
seeking resources to teach resilience to my athletes. Sharpen includes a really cool comprehensive toolkit about stress, dietetics, and mental
health, but also includes practical
life skills, financial literacy and
relationship builders that young
adults need.

~Adam Ranns,

Assistant Athletic Director /
Head Athletic Trainer, Limestone College

As a clinical psychologist working to support the mental health of medical students who are under an incredible amount of stress, I needed a resource that would engage our students and provide tools to use outside of individual sessions. I was excited to learn about Sharpen’s evidenced-based mobile and web-based app rooted in building resilience. We launched our own version of Sharpen called MindfulMEDS, and it has been a great addition to our toolkit.  Knowing that our students have access to a wealth of resources to support their mental health is reassuring, and also another important step we can take to reduce stigma around mental health in healthcare.

~Natalie M. Fadel, PsyD

Associate Professor for Psychiatry and Neuro-Behavioral Sciences

"As the education director for SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition working for over 25 years to reduce the rates of intimate partner violence and sexual violence and to help build resilience for those we serve, I have found the Sharpen app to be a great way to share our message discreetly and effectively. Sharpen not only interconnects our users with other community agency partners but delivers critical intervention support to address trauma and the long-term consequences of abuse by offering skills and exercises our clients need in order to heal and prosper in their journey. I recommend Sharpen to any community agency looking to expand their program reach and to empower their community."

Jennifer O'Shields,

Education Director, SHRCC

As a physician in private practice and with a commitment to students at the colleges in the communities I serve, I greatly appreciate the ease with which patients can engage with Sharpen. It allows for seamless integration with solutions like the nView screener and other mental health resources.


~Thomas R. Young, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder, nView

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