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Resiliency Technologies, Inc.
Research Collaboration Proposa
l Form

The Resiliency Technologies (“RT”) scientific advisory board (RTSAB) seeks to support research that furthers our mission of deploying evidence-based interventions (EBIs) that support child & adolescent resiliency. The RTSAB welcomes proposals from all investigators interested in incorporating EBIs into their research program.  RT requires an initial study synopsis submission for review. RTSAB / staff will review the study synopsis. Details regarding necessary materials for the initial study synopsis submission are available below.


To submit a study synopsis, select the “Apply for RT Research Collaboration Support” link.  Principal investigator information and a brief overview of study components are required for submission of the study synopsis form. A confirmation email will be sent upon completion of the form. Our team will review the study synopsis and communicate a decision to proceed or to decline the proposal to the submitting investigator.

Our team may request additional information in the form of a full research proposal following study synopsis review. If so, our team will be in communication regarding the additional information needed.


Sharpen Athlete and CAT-MH

boosting athlete resilience using computerized adaptive testing and peer focused resiliency

Forging Youth Resilience (FYR)

Improving mental health literacy of coaches and athletes 

Sharpen 3 year MOU with University of Georgia

Boosting child and adolescent resiliency and social media literacy

SAMHSA Garrett Lee Smith 3 year grant award

Sharpen suicide prevention for medical students

Sharpen eating disorder prevention training for physicians

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Foundation awards VCOM grant to implement Sharpen

HealthMPowers United Healthcare Community Health Education Grant

Sharpen Mental Health Literacy and resiliency training for Girls Empowering Movement participants 

RE-AIM Analysis of Sharpen Mental Health App 

Undergraduate and Medical Student Implementation Data During the COVID-19 Pandemic Usage of Sharpen

Sharpen for VNS Safe Pathways Suicide Prevention

Serving New York City youth and young adults who are at risk or who have attempted suicide.

mBridge DBT intervention to
support adolescent youth

A collaboration between Sharpen,
Stanford Medical School and NYU
Langone Medical Center

Wellstar Community
Transformation Grant

Serving student parents involved at Kennesaw State University’s Wellstar College.

Behavioral Health Screening and SMHL for College Athletes

Conference presentation on providing screening and Sharpen mental health literacy content for student-athletes.

Teaching Mindfulness in Schools

Conference presentation on strategies for deploying 5 Minute Mindfulness in the school setting

Medical Student Resilience

Conference presentation on development of Mindful MEDS app for medical student mental health

Eating Disorder Best Practices for Medical Professionals

Training hospital residents and medical students best practices in screening and early identification of eating disorders.

Stigma, Resilience and Connectedness in Medical School

A pilot study examining Sharpen for medical student resilience

Supporting frontline health workers during COVID

A grant funded through South Carolina Research Authority

Sharpen Near-Peer Mental Health Literacy

Evaluation of a Mental Health Literacy Training Program for College Females

Division II Athlete Perceptions of Mental Health

A qualitative investigation of video sessions conducted with college student athletes

Sylvia The Wood Nymph

A documentary film exploring Dissociative Identity Disorder and Childhood Sexual Abuse

Mindfulness Training for Adolescents

Conference presentation on the effects of mindfulness training on adolescent volleyball athletes

After School Resiliency for Children aged 4-7

Title 1 educators to deploy the "5 Minute Mindfulness" online curriculum through Sharpen.

MBSR for Foster Parents

Conference presentation on Sharpen mental health literacy and MBSR course to support foster parent self-care.

Sharpen MHL and MBSR Curriculum for College Students

Deploying mental health literacy and mindfulness curriculum for college students

Foster Parent Resilience

Sharpen mental health literacy and MBSR course to support foster parent self-care.

SUDS support for Youth and Parents

Sharpen mental health literacy and MBSR courses to support children coping with SUDS and their Parents

Increasing Best-Practices on Eating Disorders

Trained pediatricians and pediatric residents using Sharpen's online modular content on the topics of disordered eating prevention

Screening and Early Intervention

Collaboration with HCU screening instrument to provide self-report screening and protective content

5 Minute Mindfulness

Collaboration with South Carolina Resilient Schools Initiative to Train Educators and Community Members

Trauma Informed Community Engagement

Presentation on Sharpen Family and its integration into the Spartanburg Community

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