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5 Minute Mindfulness Card sets now available for purchase

Over 45 designs of the evidence-based "5 Minute Mindfulness" curriculum now available at the Sharpen Shop. The 5MM program has been deployed 20 years in clinical, educational and community resiliency models. Learn more about the 5MM program history and research: (

Each card contains a quick stress management activity from the evidence-based curriculum which focuses on strengthening 4 core components of mindfulness and MBSR: journal writing, deep breathing, gentle movement or mindful meditation. Since each individual has a different preference, we have found these cards assist youth in engaging quickly and easily into stress management / mental health literacy and self-care activities.

Sharpen co-Founder has implemented the program through an array of modalities, including: facilitator-led youth serving (after school and resilient schools models), peer and near-peer led resiliency programs, through vocational rehab programs, through licensed clinicians, through train-the-trainer models in K20 institutions and alternative schools and through parent / foster parent / trauma-informed training. We have found that kids and adults alike resonate deeply with the cards, they show interest in teaching the activities to each other, and they normalize the daily discussion around mental wellness and resilience. Take a look at: #mindfulness #mindfulnesspractice #mindfulnessmeditation #mbsr #mindfulnessbasedstressreduction #mindfulschools #resilientschools #resiliency #resilience #stressmanagement #selfcare #research #prevention #mentalhealthliteracy #mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters #youthdevelopment #peerlearning #peertopeersupport

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