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Monthly relaxation technique #4 - Mindful Breathing

"Today's mindfulness activity will help you focus and enhance your breath. The breath is often used as a way to center our mind, although individuals rarely take a moment to focus on their breath. You can follow along with this video, if you'd like:

Please be sure that you are in an “open” position with your feet parallel on the floor and the palms face down on the knees. Simply focus on your breath as it floats in and out of your body, freely and effortlessly.

As you breathe in through your nose, see if you can imagine the breath flowing down all the way to the base of the spine.

As you breathe out through the nose, imagine the air traveling beyond your nose, outside of the room you are sitting in, and beyond the building.

Remind yourself that there is endless oxygen all around you and simply take your time as you breathe in through the nose, and breathe back out through the nose.

Slowly bring yourself back into the room and resume your regular breathing."

Copyright 2009-2020 Robyn Hussa Farrell "5 Minute Mindfulness" and "Mindful Mondays" curriculum.All rights reserved.



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