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Monthly relaxation technique #7 - Free Writing


Journal writing has been shown to improve our ability to manage stress and decrease depression. This activity is a quick and easy way to start a journal writing practice. Follow along with the video here:

- Starting in open seated position with your palms resting on the desk or on your lap and your feet spaced evenly apart on the floor.

- Your chin is down slightly so the back of the neck is long and you are simply floating the breath into the body through the nose and exhaling or breathing back out through the nose.

- Reach for your journal (or piece of paper) and begin to free-write for the next 2 minutes. Free-writing means writing your thoughts and feelings onto the paper, and continuing writing without stopping. You can write about absolutely anything that is in your mind right now in this moment. Words, symbols, phrases, drawings. It doesn’t matter. No one else will see this work.

- Continue writing for two minutes without stopping. The action of writing on paper itself is a mindfulness technique that helps to unite your body and mind. It is, therefore, a crucial part of your journey toward mindfulness.

- Complete whatever thought or image you were working on and whenever you are ready, place your journal and pen to the side."

Copyright 2009-2020 Robyn Hussa Farrell "5 Minute Mindfulness" and "Mindful Mondays" curriculum. All rights reserved.



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