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Monthly relaxation technique #8 - Metta Meditation

Today’s mindfulness activity is a metta meditation to cultivate loving kindness.

Beginning in open seated position with palms resting on the knees or on the desk. Remember to place your feet evenly apart from each other so they are resting comfortably in a parallel

position on the floor. Bring your chin down slightly so the back of the neck is long and relaxed.

- Simply allow yourself to breathe in, and breathe out in slow motion.

- As you breathe in through your nose, please think to yourself the phrase -- “May I be safe.” As you exhale, think the same phrase -- “May I be safe.” With your next three breathing cycles please repeat the phrase with every inhalation and exhalation. To yourself.

- As you are working, try to really “believe” what you say. “May I be safe.”

(explore this for 2-3 breaths)

- As you draw in your next inhalation, now focus on someone you love and extend the wish to them “May [name of person] be safe.” With each breath repeat the phrase focusing on the friend or loved one you have chosen.

(after 2-3 breaths)

- Now as you breathe in, I invite you to extend the phrase to all living creatures. “May all living creatures be safe.” Continue practicing this phrase for the next 2-3 breaths.

- Slowly return by circling your fingers, toes, wrists and ankles. Begin opening your eyes, taking in the light of the room.

- This concludes today’s mindfulness practice."

Copyright 2009-2020 Robyn Hussa Farrell "5 Minute Mindfulness" and "Mindful Mondays" curriculum. All rights reserved.



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