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National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week

From March 30 to April 5, Sharpen will join the global community in observing National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, or the NDAFW. This is an occasion dedicated to teens, with the aim of shattering the myths surrounding drug and alcohol use. By de-mystifying the subject, dispelling inaccuracies and destigmatizing the realities faced by affected individuals, it is hoped that teens will gain an accurate science-based understanding of drug use and addiction. Through this, the risks will be diminished and further progress will be made against drug and alcohol addiction.

NDAFW 2020

Myths and misinformation about drugs and alcohol are prevalent in various media, from TV and music to the internet and social media. In real life, such inaccuracies are also disseminated in social circles. So NDAFW is crucial in dispelling these.

NDAFW was launched in 2010 and in the years since then, the outreach has grown considerably and spans countries all over the world. Typically, during the week-long observance, education events will be held to bring teens and scientific experts together in order to shatter the myths.

In light of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, instead of in-person events and activities, the organizers are encouraging virtual participation. These will include numerous activities that teens, parents, teachers, caregivers and other participants can engage in without leaving their homes. For more information, click here.

Playing Our Part

On our end, Sharpen contributes to this by providing an extensive content library of resources that can be used by health providers, employers, concerned organizations and affected individuals. The cloud platform's online accessibility is even more useful in light of current circumstances, as people must stay at home. Despite this setback, NDAFW 2020 continues, along with our struggle to help people - especially teens - gain a better awareness of the realities of drug and alcohol use, and ultimately make the right decisions in their lives.



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