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Providing Hope to Parents of Kids with ADHD and Mental Disorders

As the US Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, announced the advisory around social media usage for children and teens yesterday, our Founders were interviewing Dr. Stephen Hinshaw from UC Berkeley. The purpose of our filming session was to follow up on our discussion from 12 years ago about "The Triple Bind" - a book Dr. Hinshaw released back in 2009 providing a clear warning regarding social media usage and the other factors increasing risk for teenage girls (here's a clip of Sharpen's interview with him 12 years ago). In yesterday's follow up session, Dr. Hinshaw made it clear that all of the issues he discussed years ago "have come home to roost". He says that

" in unprecedented numbers teenage girls are engaging in cutting, burning, self-mutilation and are killing themselves"

and reiterated the importance of setting solid boundaries when it comes to young children and screen time. He shared compelling data around his research -- and, of course, this will be incorporated into education modules for parents -- available within Sharpen Minds very soon.

Dr. Hinshaw discussed his latest book, Straight Talk about ADHD in girls and the many MANY things parents can do to help their children thrive.

With so much attention around social media, screen time and the great science experiment that has happened with young minds the last decade, it is important that parents know there is hope. There are strategies, techniques and programs that work that experts like Dr. Hinshaw and many others have been implementing for 40+ years. Find more best practices and guidance from 250 experts like Dr. Hinshaw at



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