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Sharpen Minds on National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week starts on February 24 and runs until March 1. The observance builds off the previous year's success and continuing relevance. This year, the community embraces the theme of "Come as You Are: Hindsight is 20/20." So the focus is on the positive steps that have been taken towards accepting one's self and others. This also includes the positive steps done because of stepbacks or challenges.

Eating Disorders are Pervasive

NEDAWeek is an important observance because eating disorders are still the subject of many common misconceptions. These include the perception that the disorders are lifestyle choices when they are in fact serious and often fatal illnesses that encompass severe disturbances in eating patterns as well as related thoughts and emotions. Many of these misconceptions are due to how the issue is presented in popular media, such as the common image of an emaciated Hollywood star. The reality is that eating disorders affect millions of people from all backgrounds. Men, women, spanning all gender identities, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic brackets and more.

Sharpen’s Doing Our Part

This is why Sharpen observes NEDAWeek. Our work includes raising awareness on eating disorders and helping people deal with these conditions. It is, after all, part of our overall mission to promote mental health and wellness by providing a cloud platform that gives health providers, employers, organizations and individuals access to an extensive library of content and resources that can aid them in the good work they’re doing.



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