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Sylvia Documentary Film Now Sponsored by The Film Collaborative

We are proud to announce that The Film Collaborative has joined our team as Fiscal Sponsor for "Sylvia The Wood Nymph" feature documentary. This means that donations to the project are tax-deductible. Learn more.

Sylvia The Wood Nymph is the true story of a woman who struggled with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which she experienced as a result of considerable early childhood maltreatment.

This film takes an intimate and personal look at her journey toward healing through the eyes of a compassionate psychiatrist, her close friends, and her husband. Notably, the film contains rarely seen footage of altered personalities in Sylvia’s therapy sessions, video testimony and writings, used with her permission.

Sylvia's story is told through three intersecting layers: a heroine who has terrible obstacles she must overcome, medical professionals struggling to find support in the research community, and patients navigating DID. The film includes interviews with some of the leading researchers in DID and childhood trauma, including:

  • Dr. Bethany Brand

  • Dr. Robert Post

  • Dr. Frank Putnam

  • Dr. Richard Lowenstein

Watch the trailer:

Learn more about the project at The Film Collaborative.


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