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"PROTECT" is Robyn Hussa Farrell's mixed media artwork containing the "Gratitude" 5 Minute Mindfulness™ activity on the back. 


There are over 45 cards to choose from - collect them all! All cards are part of the "5 Minute Mindfulness (5MM)" program which has been implemented over 20 years and has shown to help individuals manage stress and build resilience.

Full Bleed Size

5.59in x 4.33in

142mm x 110mm

1677px x 1300px


Trim Size

5.48in x 4.22in

139mm x 107mm

1644px x 1267px


Perfect as handouts, empowering cards, activities for managing stress.

  • Collect all 45 designs and share with the students and faculty in your district or organization
  • Use them as "radical kindness kits" that students can leave to support others
  •  Custom designs available, see below
  • Great prices on larger orders and quantities


Paper weight: 

  • Standard: A standard 14-pt paper weight


Paper stock:

  • Glossy, Color Front: UV glossy front.


  • Matte Back: Silk coated front and back.


Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: How can I learn more about implementing "5 Minute Mindfulness" in schools? 
A: Sharpen offers an evidence-based course which outlines the best practices for implementation and access to the full 300 page curriculum.   Learn more about the course, program and evidence-base here.


Q: Can I mix-and-match the "5 Minute Mindfulness" images with the activities to create my own custom card? 
A: Yes!  We are happy to strategize how to customize the cards so they work best for your school or organization.  Please email for more information.


Q: What are examples of ways other organizations have used the cards?

Example 1: Youth development organizations deploy the "5 Minute Mindfulness" cards as part of empowering peer resiliency activities where older students learn the techniques well enough to instruct near peers and provide them with a beautiful activity card after the lesson.


Example 2: Community organizations provide the cards to foster parents and families as part of health outreach in the community.


Example 3: School districts provide the cards to classroom educators as part of weekly resilient schools initiatives.


Example 4: Clinicians in private practice or in treatment centers provide the cards to clients to support them in between clinical visits.

Protect - Gratitude Meditation

  • Starts at $24.51 for 50 pcs.

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