Sharpen is honored to collaborate with Timothy D. Brewerton, MD to launch a 5-part training on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) called “The Integration of Sylvia the Wood Nymph.”  The series begins by Dr. Brewerton showing a woman whose case of dissociative identity disorder (DID) presented with depression and binge eating.  This case spawned his clinical research interest in trauma and eating disorders (ED) for the decades that would follow.

In the course, participants will experience video clips taken at various stages during the course of treatment which illustrate the dissociative process and the various alters identified.  

Dr. Brewerton illustrates how these “alters” or ego states take on specific adaptive functions and separate identities, which protect the self and are often archetypal in nature. Notably, one of the alters in this case involved binge eating and purposeful weight gain as a form of soothing and self-protection. Evolving concepts from psychotherapy theory and neuroscience are highlighted during the presentation. 

The use of non-identifying clinical information and video clips during this part of the presentation is being done with the complete, written informed consent of the patient.

Pre-register for the 5-hour course, here.

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