Artwork: "The Roots and Reflections of a Wood Nymph" 

by Tamsin Bridge

Five-part training on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) by Timothy D. Brewerton, MD

Sharpen is honored to collaborate with Timothy D. Brewerton, MD to offer a five-part training on Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) called “The Integration of Sylvia the Wood Nymph.”  The series begins with a therapy session in which Dr. Brewerton discovers that a woman who came to him for help with her depression and binge eating, in actuality, suffered from dissociative identity disorder (DID) and a history of heartbreaking trauma.  This moving case inspired his clinical research interest in trauma and eating disorders (ED) for the decades that would follow.

In the course, participants will view archival video clips taken at various stages during the course of treatment that illustrate the dissociative process and the presence of the various alters identified.  As Dr. Brewerton connects with Sylvia’s different alters as she processes her extensive traumas, participants will have a rare opportunity to observe the process of her full integration.

Dr. Brewerton illustrates how these “alters” or ego states take on specific adaptive functions and separate identities, which protect the self and are often archetypal in nature. Notably, one of the alters in this case engaged in severe binge eating and purposeful weight gain as a form of soothing and self-protection.  Evolving concepts from psychotherapy theory, epidemiology and neuroscience are highlighted during the presentation. 

The use of non-identifying clinical information and video clips during this part of the presentation is being done with the complete, written informed consent of the patient.

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  • 5-hour course featuring Dr. Brewerton and Sylvia

  • Downloadable pdf of training slides and Sylvia's transcripts

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  • Ability to screen 5-hour course featuring Dr. Brewerton and Sylvia

  • Downloadable pdf of training slides and Sylvia's transcripts

Terms of use.

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Dr. Brewerton is working with the Founders of Sharpen, Robyn Hussa Farrell and Tim Farrell to produce a feature documentary about DID.  To get involved, please visit

Prior Presentations of this Series

Brewerton TD: “The Integration of Sylvia the ‘Wood Nymph’ & the Role of PTSD/Dissociation in Eating Disorders.” Pre-Conference Workshop at the 25th International San Diego Summit of the Institute on Violence and Aggression and Trauma. San Diego, CA, September 2, 2020.

Brewerton TD: “The Integration of Sylvia the “Wood Nymph” & the Role of PTSD/Dissociation in Eating Disorders.” Pre-Conference Workshop at The World Congress on Complex Trauma and Dissociation, Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, San Francisco, CA, March 13, 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19).

Brewerton TD: “How My First Case of Dissociative Identity Disorder Ignited My Passion to Investigate the Clinical Science of Eating Disorders, Trauma, and Trauma-Related Disorders.” Pre-Conference Workshop at the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals Symposium 2019, Palm Desert, CA, February 6, 2019.

Invited Speaker, “Eating Disorders, Trauma, and Trauma-Related Disorders: A Case of DID and an Overview of the Clinical Science.” Pre-Conference Workshop at the Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, Chicago, IL, March 22, 2018.

Invited Speaker, “Trauma, Dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Case Study,” Spring 2013 North Dakota Behavioral Health Conference, Bismarck, ND, May 15, 2013.

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Components of this course have been presented in various lectures on dissociative disorders given to PGY-2, PGY-3, PGY-4, and PGY-5 psychiatry residents, child-adolescent psychiatry fellows, psychology interns, and other trainees, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, 1990-present. 

"As someone who has worked with both eating disorders and dissociation, including DID, for many years, it is often difficult to find continuing education that grants new and insightful information.  Dr. Timothy Brewerton's presentation with Sylvia provided exceptional case conceptualization, compassionate treatment, and an overall depiction of the challenges so often present with complex clients.  This presentation holds valuable information for clinicians who work with both eating disorders and trauma, regardless of length of practice, which is a valuable treasure when seeking continuing education."

Heidi Strickler, PhD, LCSW-S, CEDS-S, CART, CTLS

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