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We reduce mental health disparities for
organizations and communities.

Sharpen delivers the best ideas in mental health to communities faster.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed a radical approach to implementation research focused on improving mental health disparities.

Sharpen promotes mental health equity and inter-connectedness through:

  • A social-ecological model approach to mental health literacy where all tiers of individuals are trained with age-appropriate, de-stigmatized content.

  • Peer-focused documentary film-based trainings created in collaboration with community members and researchers.

  •  A technology platform that quickly and affordably deploys content to increase access, decreased tech barriers, increase engagement, and data-gathering capabilities.

  • Ongoing psychosocial interventions to normalize the discussions around mental health and improve resiliency.

  • Rigorous interaction with 200+ interdisciplinary researchers to decrease the average time (15 years) that it takes for research to translate into communities serving youth and families.

Our model has shown to (i) decrease risk and increase resilience, (ii) improve the shared protective factors for suicide, mental disorders and trauma, (iii) improve access to and utilization of quality mental health care, (iv) improve treatment outcomes among a variety of
populations (see Our Research).

Our mental health content is created through:

  • Hundreds of collaborations with researchers and other experts

  • Thousands of surveys and focus group interactions

  • Thousands of documentary interviews with community members

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