We help you improve behavioral health outcomes for your community.

Healthy communities are made up of healthy individuals.

Sharpen provides a cost-effective and flexible platform that:


  • Provides easy access to research-based, standards-aligned, and award-winning content for mental wellness,

  • Enhances, extends and expands the reach of therapists or counselors

  • Connects and coordinates local and regional community resources,

  • Provides data to improve resource utilization,

  • Builds individual, family and community capacity, competence and confidence to navigate successfully in these uncertain times and in the future. 


"This app is a game-changer for any parent interested in improving their own mental health or mental health and wellbeing of their children"

Paige Stephenson, President & CEO of United Way of the Piedmont


"The programs offered through Sharpen are a game-changer in how students can improve their mental health from the privacy of their own home"

Brendon Kelly, University of West Georgia President


"I'm relieved that the Sharpen resources are available to mitigate the long-term mental health risks facing our young adults"

Rahul N. Mehra, M.D. CEO, National Center for Performance Health


Demonstrated Value Through Focus Groups, Survey Data, and Real-World Results


engagement with treatment

86% engagement with mental health treatment as a result of our peer-engagement formula.


increased knowledge

90% increased knowledge in awareness of co-morbid conditions in mental health.


recommended for others

92% recommended for others (based on survey responses for 400 educators, professionals, veterans and students)

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