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Our Solution

Resiliency Technologies developed Sharpen® — an evidence-based platform to Power Healthy Minds™ through two key products:


Our HIPAA and FERPA-compliant system engages and empowers individuals through results-proven library of emotional wellness, mental health literacy and resiliency interventions.  


Taking everything we have learned developing digital mental health solutions for 20 years, we embed the Sharpen system directly into electronic health records (EHR) so that physicians, clinicians and health workers are able to effortlessly deploy evidence-based interventions to children, youth and adults – at the click of a button.

Preventive Care


Our comprehensive, prevention-based system ensures individuals, families and organizations have a proven, best-in-class toolkit to support mental health. 


The Sharpen team has been developing health technology and mental health literacy content for over 30 years in collaboration with over 200 trans-disciplinary researchers and individuals with lived expertise.


Our preventive care system includes customized Sharpen toolkits that include

(1) a library of culturally relevant, psychoeducational modular content;
(2) connection to validated, gold-standard mental health screenings, crisis management and tele-health providers
(3) mini sites that increase connection with local advocacy agencies and community resources
(4) a library of protective factor content that includes emotional wellness and resiliency-building interventions.  


Most notably, Sharpen offers a proprietary User Story mechanism to define and customize content so an individual is met with people who resonate in a culturally and demographically appropriate manner.

Examples of our solution in schools and community settings are here:


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