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College Mental Health Literacy Publication

Congratulations to Duke Biber, PhD, NBC-HWC for his publication outlining the efficacy of Sharpen Minds's Mental Health Literacy program! We had the privilege of working with Dr. Biber, Cindy Abel and the Liv2BMe student mentors from The University of Georgia who were first screened through Heads Up Checkup, Inc. as part of their training in Sharpen's 5 hour course. The course contains over 45 documentary videos of youth, national experts and individuals with lived experience sharing the latest research and best practices in the area of mental health literacy, suicide prevention and 5 Minute Mindfulness activities.

The mentors improved their ability to manage stress and understand appropriateness in engaging with a mentee who might be struggling. Most importantly, they learned how to safely connect that young person to the right kind of therapist or mental health support.

- Get the study here:

- Learn more about the SMHL program here:


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