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Hope for School Behavioral Health

Resiliency Technologies is honored to serve as a technology partner for the John H. Magill SC School Behavioral Health Academy (SBHA) at University of South Carolina Columbia, Department of Psychology.

The SBHA is a global thought-leader in school behavioral health best practices. The Sharpen system will be utilized as part of the SBHA's training programs. In addition, the Sharpen system and evidence-based library of films, psychoeducational modules and interventions will be incorporated to inform the AI models that are being developed in partnership with SBHA and USC's AI Institute, led by Dr. Amit Sheth.

The SBHA was created in partnership between the University of South Carolina (USC) and the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SC DHSS), and it is implemented by a team of researchers, practitioners, and consultants from psychology, education, and social work including:

Mark Weist: Co-Director, Professor, established the National Center for School Mental Health at University of Maryland

Samuel McQuillin: Associate Professor, School Program Director

Lori Parrish, Program Manager

Taylor Davis, Associate Program Manager

Donna Ewing, District Coach

Tricia Motes, District Coach

Vittoria Anello, Research Associate

Anna Grace Clark, Research Associate

Hannah Knott, Research Associate

Greysi Irdam, Research Associate

June Greenlaw, Consultant

Steven Harrod, Consultant

Katherine Perkins, Consultant

Bob Stevens, Consultant

Learn more about the School Behavioral Health Academy here:


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