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Improving Emotional Wellness for Educators

On March 15, 2022 Sharpen in collaboration with Stop-It Solutions led a 2 hour workshop for 123 school nurses and social workers across the state of New Mexico to reveal trauma-informed technology solutions that improve emotional wellbeing for educators. Below are the results of those trainings.

Focusing on evidence-based public health prevention models, our team assisted participants in understanding the best practices for improving emotional wellness in schools.

A critical component to addressing mental health in schools is to ensure that best practices are followed regarding stigmatization and other barriers that prevent health literacy. Our workshop included research-driven strategies that not only decrease shame and stigma but improve mental health literacy.

93% of the school professionals recommended (or strongly recommended) this workshop for colleagues.

Most notably, the session included extensive handout materials with links to an array of free tools and resources to support district resiliency. Learn more about how your district can benefit from these programs by emailing us at


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