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Sharpen Celebrates World Kindness Day

Making the World a Better Place

Sharpen celebrates World Kindness Day, an international effort to change the world for the better. The November 13 observance was introduced by the World Kindness Movement to raise awareness and promote good deeds done in communities. With this focus on positivity and the universal strands of kindness connecting us, World Kindness Day and the NGOs aim to bridge the gaps that divide humanity, like race, religion, politics, gender and even zip codes. Kindness knows no borders.

Every Little Bit Counts

On our end, Sharpen does its part to help make the world a kinder, happier, healthier and more positive place. Our research and programs include educational and awareness-raising materials aimed to help those struggling with mental illnesses and traumas. Our sharpenWARRIOR and SharpenFAMILY tools are at the frontline, supporting families and providing them with clinically-vetted resources. The former is for veterans, the latter is for households - particularly foster families. We also support at-risk learners' educational needs and suicide prevention efforts, such as the Suicide Prevention Initiative in Spartanburg.

So Let’s All Pitch In

Everyone can make a difference. Even if you aren’t designing advanced apps or in a team that’s building therapeutic programs, simple acts can have meaningful impacts. Reach out to a friend in need, extend a helping hand. Or open yourself to the kindness of others. World Kindness Day is a reminder that we can break past the boundaries that isolate us and establish connections that will help individuals and communities alike. We can work together so that we won’t be stranded in loneliness. Kindness will be our bridge to brighter, happier lives, empowering us to make changes on the personal level and beyond. So let’s strive to be well and healthy on this day and on all days!



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