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Sharpen Eating Disorder prevention for physicians

From our Founder:

For almost 20 years the memory of five women has inspired and driven my work in prevention. When I first started Mental Fitness (, the photo and article featuring Alex DeVinny ( was fastened to the wall above my "desk" (in my "office" in my sister's basement). I had the privilege of meeting and working with too many families who have suffered the losses of their children. Losses that were each unique and different, but that stemmed from systemic problems that still plague the medical community. These families allowed me to interview them and capture their stories on film, so that others could learn -- so that we might bridge the gaps in knowledge and prevent these devastating losses. Those stories have been featured (and continue to be featured) in trainings for thousands of professionals across the US online through Sharpen.

After 13 years of prevention research in the Upstate of South Carolina, today is a very important day and here's why: with the help of the Spartanburg Behavioral Health Task Force at United Way of the Piedmont, we are launching a very special physician training program for residents in family medicine and pediatrics at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine. The story of Andrea Smeltzer ( and others will be shared along with 4 hours of training content (led by Timothy Brewerton, Natalie Fadel, Psy.D. and Maggie Gainey) and featuring the 25+ other experts in the documentary training tools in Sharpen Minds like Cynthia Bulik, Stephen Hinshaw, Deb Burgard, Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, Carolyn Costin, Walter Kaye, Chevese Turner, Chase Bannister, Mary Bartlett and Joslyn Smith.

Today, physicians will learn about early identification, screening and best practices for collaborative care models. They will learn about the devastating impact of weight stigma. They will learn the recent research and data about evidence-based dietetics models and treatments. They will learn about co-morbidities, suicide risk and the stories that have contributed to a legacy of learning. Stories like those belonging to Alex DeVinny, Erin Riederer, Kyra Radsek, Dargan Bradshaw, Ashlee Gregory, Andrea Smeltzer... and too many others.

Learn more about Sharpen's evidence-based eating disorder awareness and prevention research here:


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