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Sharpen Mental Health Literacy

Our evidence-based 5 hour course improves resiliency and mental health literacy for participants ages 14 and up.

One critical part of the course is hearing directly from students, parents, clinicians and administrators about the many stigmas surrounding mental health that prevent so many individuals from seeking prevention or treatment resources.

Here's one sample of the more than 25 videos that are included in the course:

A recent study of ten college students conducted by Dr. Duke Biber and colleagues in the spring of 2022 found:

“Participants discussed how the training prepared them in aiding mentees in help-seeking and identifying appropriate resources. This is consistent with previous university- and adolescent-based mental health literacy training programs that significantly improved help-seeking attitudes (Clough et al., 2020; Liddle et al., 2019). “

“Participants also indicated how the training enabled personal and others-oriented stress management, which supports a mental health literacy training program that reduced stress in medical students (Kurki et al., 2021). “

“Another theme was understanding suicide warning signs as a result of the mental health literacy training program. Various mental health literacy programs, both face-to-face and online, have been found to promote protective factors of mental illness and suicidality (Lindow et al., 2020; Lo et al., 2018).”

“Furthermore, participants described how the training educated them on body image awareness regarding body acceptance, as well as when to refer regarding eating disorders. Given inadequate mental health literacy in college females regarding such topics, it is necessary to continually train undergraduates about these warning signs (Diamond et al., 2022; Nishida-Hikiji et al., 2019).”

Biber et al, 2022


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