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Sharpen Suicide Prevention

To meet the urgent public health need facing youth, Resiliency Technologies releases four evidence-based suicide prevention toolkits and strategies that are being deployed across multiple initiatives. These align with the National Suicide Prevention Strategy goals released in 2024 and include:

  • Establishing effective, broad-based, collaborative, and sustainable suicide prevention partnerships. 

  • Supporting upstream comprehensive community-based suicide prevention. 

  • Conducting postvention training and support people with suicide-centered lived experience.

  • Integrating suicide prevention into the culture of the workplace and into other community settings. 

  • Building and sustaining suicide prevention infrastructure at multiple levels.

  • Implementing research-informed suicide prevention communication activities in diverse populations using best practices from communication science 

Below we include an overview of the interoperable technology and multiple interventions available.  We also offer free one hour consultations for those seeking to customize or strategize specific needs.

Four examples of our evidence-based suicide prevention programs:

1. Sharpen Digital Safety Plan.  We have digitized evidence-based safety plans so that when a health worker completes a safety plan, it deploys immediately to the person in need.  The safety plan contains 5 days of protective, strength based content that arrive via text message or email to the individual. 

2. Sharpen Suicide Prevention Training and CEs. In New York City the Sharpen system is the suicide prevention training platform for health workers and care providers involved with the Safe Pathway suicide prevention program.  Funded through NY Office of Mental Health, our team is collaborating with VNS Health leadership to provide suicide prevention task force implementation strategy, full resiliency toolkits that enable professionals to receive continuing education credit, and a full protective factor toolkit for youths ages 10 and up.

3. Sharpen Mental Health Literacy toolkits.  Our 5 hour program contains over 50 documentary films featuring youth voice and perspective.  The program can be implemented as college course (integrated into learning management systems) or deployed as digital Sharpen toolkits available to youth and families.

4. Sharpen Digital Therapeutic.  Embedding Sharpen's youth-focused, documentary film interventions directly into electronic health records, bolsters resilience and safety.  Physicians and health workers are now able to proactively screen and deploy interventions to youth patients in need, through the convenience of interoperable health record integration.

5. Sharpen Shop: Evidence-Based Resiliency Gear. Our array of products have been deployed in suicide prevention, trauma-resilient schools and featured at national conferences since 2014.  They include engaging imagery and contain powerful messages of hope and have shown to improve youth, educator, parent and clinician resilience and mental health literacy. Shop here.

sample "5 minute mindfulness" activity card from the evidence-based program

6. "Five Minute Mindfulness" activity cards. Choose from 40+ designs of 5 Minute Mindfulness activity cards.  Each card includes an empowering image and quick stress management activity.

  • Wholesale pricing for schools and nonprofits

  • Customizable with district or organization logo

  • Has shown to increase engagement and compliance

  • Normalizes the daily discussion around mental and emotional wellness

  • Strength-based, protective interventions and messaging


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