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Sharpen Digital Therapeutic

After decades of research building evidence-based mental health prevention programs and tools, Resiliency Technologies has developed the Sharpen Digital Therapeutic (Sharpen DTX™).

Our efficient and easy to use software tool, integrated into a healthcare provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system improves mental and emotional wellness outcomes for adolescents and young adults.  We greatly improve early intervention strategies by enabling clinicians to immediately intervene with adolescent patients experiencing mental health issues.  These patients must often wait months to begin specialty mental health treatment, and can now instantly begin their journey toward resilience through our evidence-based peer-focused wellness toolkits.

Sharpen DTX:

Decreases clinician burnout

Saves time in clinical sessions

CBT/DBT in between clinical sessions

Improves outcomes for clients on wait list

Mental health literacy for patients and families

Peer-focused documentary films that engage



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