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Free emotional wellness toolkit for educators

In response to the growing need to support emotional wellbeing, as outlined in the recent guidance from US Department of Education, Sharpen announces a free emotional wellness toolkit for educators.

What's in the Toolkit? The 12 emailed topics range from strategies for improving one's own social, emotional and mental wellbeing to providing support and strength-based content for students in the classroom.

What Topics Are Covered?

  • Social-Emotional Wellbeing

  • Mental Health Literacy

  • Holiday Stress Management

  • Quick mindfulness activities that can be shared with other educators in the district

  • Age-appropriate content that can be played in classroom

How is it Delivered? The toolkit will be shared by email once a week. Simply sign up here.

What's the Catch? There's no catch. We would love your feedback and input as we continue to build these resources for districts.

Sharpen has had the privilege of providing evidence-based content for the Resilient Schools initiative in South Carolina and for mental health literacy programming in 33 districts in 15 states. Learn more about our work and research here.



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