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Monthly relaxation technique #12 - Broadway breathing


Today we are going to learn a breathing technique that is used by Broadway professionals to increase the breathing system and to expand the power of the voice. This also happens to

be a fabulous way to incorporate mindfulness. Follow along with this video:

- Please begin by sitting in your chair (or in easy-seated on the floor), making sure that you are in an “open” position with both limbs doing the same thing. So, your feet are both parallel on the floor, your palms are both face down on your knees. Your eyes are looking downward in an easy gaze.

- Simply focus on your breath for a moment noticing the air as it floats in through your nose and drifts all the way down to the base of the spine. Remember to keep your chin down slightly to keep the back of the neck long. As you focus on your breath, bring to mind one thing in your life for which you are grateful. Be specific and fill your heart and mind with that image – whether it is a person or an object, or a place.

- Bringing your awareness to your sitz bones, imagine that there is a rectangle directly underneath where you are sitting.

- Working very slowly, as you exhale, press down into the four corners of the sitz bones in order to lift up slightly at the top of your hip. Be sure to keep your chin down slightly.

- When you inhale, simply let go and relax your spine. As you exhale again, press down in order to grow taller at the top of the hip and then relax as you inhale. Take your time, working in slow motion and repeat this breathing technique exhaling growing taller, inhaling releasing.

- After 30 seconds, slowly return to your regular breathing pattern and slowly bring your awareness back into the room by circling your wrists and ankles and swallow a few times.

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