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Monthly relaxation technique #5 - 50 Tips for Managing Stress

"50 techniques for managing stress:

- View the Stress Management modules on Sharpen in the Cope area of the app

- Try the Mindfulness courses on the Sharpen app

- Talk to Someone

- Journal for 5 minutes a day

- Stretch

- Use the arts as a stress management tool

- Read

- Write

- Draw

- Sing

- Play an Instrument

- Create a Film

- Take a Walk

- Sit on a Bench

- Call a Friend

- Create a Poem

- Experience Something Beautiful: A Sunset, A Quiet Moment, An Animal in Nature, etc.

- Organize a shelf, drawer, your car, desk, etc.

- Cry

- Breathe

- Paint

- Write Your Novel

- Take a Yoga Class

- Teach Someone a Mindfulness Exercise

- Create Something Beautiful -- a craft, project, awesome dinner, anything.

- Volunteer for a Cause

- Watch a Film

- Knit

- Lay in a Hammock

- Do One Kind Thing For A Complete Stranger

- Place Inspiring Quotes on Your Mirror / Desk / Wall

- Research Someone You Admire and Learn All you Can About Them

- Pray

- Create a List of Things You Have Always Wanted To Do

- Try One Thing On Your ""To Do"" List

- Reach out of your comfort zone: embark on a new career, tell someone what you really need from them, take a class on something you have always wanted to learn, take care of the phone call that has been hanging over your head.

- Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day

- Hang out with friends

- Turn negative thoughts into positive actions and practice affirmations

- Take yourself on a date and see if you can learn something new about yourself

- Keep a ""going well"" diary: write down three things that went well for you today and WHY they went well. Keep this up for 7 days.

- Read books on mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology and grit

- Cook a delicious, nourishing, colorful and creative meal.

- Eat ... follow your hunger cues and eat something that helps you manage stress

- Go for a run or to the gym and work out the stress there

- Find a new hobby or 'positive' habit

- Learn some ""Thrive"" techniques on the Sharpen App

- Attend the ""Cope"" trainings on the app

- Do nothing -- sit and acknowledge your pain or frustration

- Call a mentor, priest, therapist, friend and talk"

Copyright 2009-2020 Robyn Hussa Farrell "5 Minute Mindfulness" and "Mindful Mondays" curriculum.All rights reserved.



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