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Monthly relaxation technique #6 - Equal Part Breath


Today we are going to learn a breathing technique that is clinically shown to reduce anxiety, decrease tension and improve the immune system. It is called “Equal Part Breath” and you can follow along with this video:

- Please begin in open seated position and simply notice your breath as it floats in and out of your nose. Remind yourself to slow down and enjoy the process of breathing – noticing your thoughts from a place of nonjudgment and loving kindness.

- On your next inhalation or breath in, see if you can match the amount of time or space it takes to breathe in to the amount of time or space it takes to breathe out.

- You can do this by counting or by feeling. Perhaps you breathe in to a count of 4 or 5, and then exhale to a count of 4 or 5. Whatever technique you use, the goal is to take your time and simply see if you can evenly match your inhale to your exhale.

- As you continue working, you will notice that there is a place of pause before you breathe in. Some people say this is one of the greatest places of peace that we have in our bodies – this moment before we breathe in. As you continue matching your inhalation to your exhalation, also notice this “place of peace” as you prepare your next breath.

Continue for 2 minutes

- Return to your regular breathing and notice how it feels to be able to breathe effortlessly again on your own. Take your time as you work and slowly bring yourself back into the space by opening your eyes and by swallowing a few times."

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