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World Autism Awareness Day

Sharpen joins in observing World Autism Awareness Day. This is an occasion in which we help promote public understanding of the condition and work together to help those with neuro-atypical conditions overcome the prejudices and challenges facing them. The event was adopted on the 18th of December, 2007. Ever since then, World Autism Awareness Day has been celebrated every 2nd of April.


Increasing awareness has helped reduce misunderstandings and stereotypes facing neuro-atypical people, though these, unfortunately, remain commonplace. With awareness, people no longer have to suffer in silence or go their entire lives with their conditions unacknowledged. Now the public is more informed, and there are more resources available. Still, more has to be done. The same goes for broader obstacles, from economic and social inequality, the lack of opportunities, and perspectives use the guise of disability and assistance to diminish the agency and personhood of neuro-atypical people. They are individuals with their own voices and their own agency who must be given the means to chart their lives on their own terms.

Playing Our Part

On our end, Sharpen aims to assist and empower those with learning differences and cognitive conditions with the various programs and resources offered by our platforms. Moreover, these are also designed to enlighten and equip communities as well as individuals. Sharpen is for everyone, from neuro-atypical people to their families, friends, loved ones, as well as institutions and organizations.

There is still so much work to be done. So while this year’s World Autism Awareness Day, on the 2nd of April, is an occasion to raise awareness and celebrate progress, it is also a reminder of how far we all have to go in improving society for people with neuro-atypical conditions. While there is still marginalization, nonetheless there has been undeniable progress. So we must keep at it and push for more changes and improvements!



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