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Your monthly relaxation technique - Centering

Welcome to Sharpen! We invite you to join us for a monthly relaxation technique that has been shown through science to decrease stress and improve the immune system.Taking just 5 minutes to center, focus and relax can go a long way toward improving mental wellness.In this quick video, you can enjoy a centering exercise that can be done at home, at work or even in a coffee shop.

Open Seated.

-- Any time we do the same thing on the left and right sides of our body, we are actually “balancing” left and right brain.

-- Sitting in what we call a balanced, “open” position with both feet placed evenly on the ground, parallel to each other. Try to notice whether the bottom corners of the feet are evenly connected to the earth below.

-- Bring your palms face down onto the knees or onto your desk and notice how relaxed the hands are. Can you release any more tension in the fingers, the palm of the hand, or the wrist?

-- Keeping your eyes looking downward -- focused about 4 inches in front of your feet or on the ground in front of you.

-- Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out and simply notice this moment from a place of loving kindness and non judgment.

-- This “open seated” position is an act of balancing and mindfulness, simply by uncrossing the legs and asking all limbs to do the same thing. Notice how you feel in this position.

Copyright 2009-2020 Robyn Hussa Farrell "5 Minute Mindfulness" and "Mindful Mondays" curriculum.All rights reserved.



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