Guidance Counselors, School Counselors and Social Workers are overwhelmed to address the needs of students.  This is not a question of will or intent but rather capacity - with counselor to student ratios recommended as 1 to 250, but in reality they are as high as 1-900, there is little confidence that the needs of students most in need of support will receive what they need.


Sharpen is a valuable resource for building and equipping students, parents, staff and community with resiliency skills, knowledge and experience. We provide specific, timely and relevant access to resources to assist an individual at risk and in risk.  Beyond creating awareness and understanding about mental wellness and social-emotional wellbeing, we are able to connect an individual as well as a family to those who are in the best position to respond and support them – in real time.

Sharpen can be used to provide individual, small group, and whole group instruction.  Sharpen can be self-guided as well as facilitated.  Intuitive and easy to navigate, Sharpen does not require hours of training or professional development.  With little hesitation, Sharpen is the digital social-emotional skills resource needed for re-opening schools.

Sharpen is a resource that builds individual, family and community capacity, competence and confidence to navigate successfully in these uncertain times as well as in their future.  We are committed to building individual and family resiliency through collaborating and coordinating school and community resources in a proactive rather than reactive mindset.  

“We really don’t think enough about prevention – statistics indicate that for adults who develop psychiatric issues in their 20s, over 50 percent of the time those patients have started manifesting symptoms during childhood. I’m relieved that the Sharpen resources are available to mitigate the long-term mental health risks facing our students.”


~Rahul N. Mehra, M.D.
CEO and Chief Physician Executive
National Center for Performance Health

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